Monday, September 29, 2014

Door in the Floor

Did you hear about this family who opened a metal door in their yard? Read about it here.

For years I have had dreams that there was a door in the floor of my house, and there was a hidden basement I didn't know I had. I'd be so happy to finally have some extra space, plus angry that so many years had gone by that I didn't know about it. Sadly, it's a solid concrete floor and nothing is below my house. But still I wish...

Sunday, September 28, 2014

Back Home Again

I just returned from a week long visit in Alberta to see my mom. It was a very special birthday and so I traveled to celebrate it with her. I also wanted to help with some of those things that are hard for a single senior to do - I helped her buy some clothes for winter, bought her a floor lamp so she could read in her favourite chair, took her to Costco, went to the garden centre plus several other locations. I also fixed her computer, helped her with her phone and iPad and did some gardening. All those little jobs that help her out. Instead of taking a cab I was there to drive her around. She said several times how much she'd miss me and the car. Too bad I couldn't hire her a driver like "Driving Miss Daisy".

And now I'm home and life resumes as normal for both of us. Unfortunately for me, I have a lot of housework and office work to catch up on, but I'm that's just how it'll be.

I had the perfect weather while I was there, it even got up over 30 degrees a couple of times, meanwhile back home there was lots of rain. It's nice to escape the rain because that's what happens for most of the days between September and April in Vancouver!

It's a beautiful sunny day here, and Jp surprised me by having window screens installed while I was away. It's so nice this time of year to be able to open a window and let the fresh air in. Yes I did have the windows open without screens but then we had a moth problem that not only threatens our clothes but all the wool this knitter has in the house. And if you recall, I already had one whole skein of baby alpaca destroyed. That's when I became too scared to open the windows. So today, I am enjoying this perfect fall day with a fresh breeze and trying to catch up on a few personal things today before I try to catch up at work the rest of this week.

How have you been?

Sunday, September 21, 2014

Back to school, finally.

It's hard to believe that Monday, September 22nd is going to be the first day back to school for public students in this province. I wonder if they'll make up the time by shortening the Christmas or Easter break, or maybe next summer? More details here if you're interested.

I've heard some pretty creative parents doing some home schooling. One friend posted a photo of her daily subject for the 5 kids she was looking after. I must say, her classes sounded interesting. I almost wish I could  have joined them - a trip to the stable, PE was swimming in her backyard pool, etc. I ws pretty creative.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

The Prize was Won

So the radio sound contest was won at $17,000 - the correct guess was closing a folding chair. The next sound was won on the first try and the third sound took about 17 guesses. I just couldn't figure out the weird squeaky noise - turned out to be 'shucking an ear of corn'.  I think she won about $7,000

And so far I haven't got a clue on the latest sound.

It sure would be nice to win that cash wouldn't it? I have plans for about $100,000 worth of things! I need to win big to support all my dreams! LOL!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dialing for Dollars

Since the beginning of September, Z95.3, a local radio station in Vancouver,  has been playing a sound for people to guess what it is. Every wrong answer and the prize money goes up $250. The pot is currently at $17,000 and I have spent the past week dialing and redialing trying to get through - once I made it to caller # 2 and once to caller # 7.

Now that the pot is getting big, everyone and their dog is calling in, but they haven't heard all the
guesses so there are many repeats (and obviously wrong answers).

Yesterday afternoon I spent between 4pm and 5pm just constantly redialing. Not how I prefer to spend an hour - but if I got through and if I won (at that time it was $14K)then the dividend would be pretty good don't you think?

I have an idea but I'm not too confident about it-but it hasn't been guessed yet. The idea that I was certain about has already been guessed so now on to plan B. go to the link, hear the sound- any guesses? If I win, I 'll split it with you

Oh boy it sure would be nice to win $17,000! I know what I'd do with it! I'd build a Tiny House or studio in my backyard - that's for sure! Plus I'd take a trip and give some money to family and to charity of course. Now wish me luck....I must start dialing and re-dialing on Monday morning.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coconut Confusion

One day when I was 6 years old, my family went to visit my aunt. The boys were all running around outside, but I was happily drawing and writing away (probably pretending I was a teacher) on a chalkboard.

My aunt called us into the kitchen and as a special treat she gave us all some fresh coconut. Oh it was so delicious, coconut is one of my favourite flavours. We all resumed whatever we were doing, so there I was, a fresh chunk of white coconut in one hand and a piece of white chalk in the other drawing and
writing away at the chalkboard. Suddenly I had the most horrible taste in my mouth as I ran to the toilet to spit out chalk. I guess I was so busy playing and wasn't paying attention and I got my hands mixed up. It was definitely a very memorable moment.

So you can imagine what came to mind this afternoon as I grabbed a handful of almonds with my left hand and then a handful of dog kibble for Eco with my right hand as I headed into the garden today. I made a very strong mental note to NOT get my hands mixed up! Because although the chalk tasted pretty bad, I really have no desire to find out what the dog kibble tastes like!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Stitchy Happiness!!!!

Have you ever had two of your favourite people come together? Well it just happened to me. I am so, so excited.

As you may know I have been a long time fan of Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching. In fact, back when it was just her and an assistant, my husband wrote to her and asked to to include a personalized note in my package as a gift and she graciously complied with the cutest handwritten card.

And on the side of my blog, I have been following Andrees Illustration for a couple years, and have a framed print of hers outside my office door which I look at about 40 times a day.

So you can imagine my glee when I see a little image pop up on the side of my blog of a little house drawn by Andree. My first thought was "I'd love to embroider that". I follow the link to Andree's blog and that's when I find out she's collaborated with Sublime Stitching! Very excited. And yes, I have already placed an order for the patterns.

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