Sunday, November 29, 2015

Winter Check in!

How you doing??? (said in my best Joey Tribiani from the TV show Friends, voice)

While various parts of Canada and the US are bracing for some pretty chilly weather these last few days, Vancouver is having to deal with what is considers cold : -4 degrees celsius (24.8F). During my frost dog walk this morning, I could not believe my eyes - I saw a hummingbird going to some feeders - I sure hope sugar water doesn't freeze, otherwise that poor little guy would have to be visiting quite a few feeders looking for on that had melted in this morning's sunlight.

I don't ever remember seeing a hummingbird here, past mid October. I will have to look up which kind these are and why they haven't migrated south.

Also when I was out driving three beautiful swans were flying south - I wish I could have taken a photo - I was driving across a bridge and there was a beautiful fog over the water, but their orange beaks were still very visible against the foggy background.

With our beautiful sunny weekend, I'm sure many people were out putting up their Christmas lights although I was not. I should have, it was the perfect winter weather to do it, but I'm busy trying to get through some Christmas orders... and so off I go - break's over!

*not  my photo*

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Braving the Rain

If you're reading this, I am pretty sure there is no way you missed the news about last week's bombings/shootings in Beirut and Paris. There is plenty I could talk about but so many have already said so much, so well. I just want to mention one tiny thing  -  our choice of words.

Maybe this happens only in Vancouver because it rains a lot in the winter, but on last night's news there was a report about a vigil for the Paris bombings. Describing all those in attendance, the newscaster said there were many people 'braving the rain'. I think we need to stop using that descriptor for wet weather. People, it's just rain. Half the time it's light enough we don't even need an umbrella. With today's wonderful waterproof fabrics, the rain does not need to be "braved".

Being a refugee crossing Europe is brave. Returning the normal life in Paris is Brave. Holding an umbrella in the rain - really isn't brave. That's my two cents for this rainy Sunday.

And peace to all the people of the world especially Beirut and Paris....

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remembrance Day

This past spring I went with my mom as she returned for the first time to the Netherlands since she left in 1957.

She was supposed to go to the 70th Anniversary celebrations in Wageningen but was too ill to go. I went for for her and took many pictures and video so she could watch vicariously through me.

The love the Dutch have for Canadians to this day is overwhelming. I have to say I have never felt prouder to be Canadian than I was on May 5, 2015 in Wageningen, Holland.

The soldiers in the parade and the spectators  came from all over Canada, the US and throughout Europe were happy to participate and to feel the love and appreciation of the crowds. This remembrance day I will remember all the soldiers and their families of WWII and all the wars before and after, those brave souls who gave up so much for our Freedom. Thank you. And I do remember.

The first photo is the church where the papers to end the war was signed with the Germans. The second is just one of so many proud Canadian moments of the celebrations.

This is not my video, I found it on a google search, but it is a good representation:

Friday, October 09, 2015


Ooopsy, forgot to keep posting these. Well some I don't like so nobody gets to see them.

here's a quick one I did at my desk while waiting for my computer to back up


Sunday, October 04, 2015

Inktober # 3- PumpkinDoodle

I am not as pleased with my pumpkin as I was my owl, but now that I have stepped back a bit from it maybe it's not soooo bad - I see that it is unbalanced which bothers me. And now that I've pointed it out to you, it probably bothers you as well. Sorry!

This if for the Inktober challenge of drawing something inky every day this month. #inktober

Saturday, October 03, 2015

Inktober # 2

I've decided to join Inktober I don't know if I'll be doing any "drawing" drawings, but I will produce at least one doodle/zentangle per day.

Here is yesterday's entry, as I catch up


Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Full Moon Trouble

Wow, it was a little crazy on the interwebs yesterday with all the blood moon photos, wasn't it? Almost every posted a photo. Okay, maybe it was just my friends.  I didn't really get too see much of it - the way our house is situated and all the trees in the neighbourhood, it's hard to keep running outside to see if it has turned red. Still it was a lovely sight to see.

I don't know about you, but I'm having a terrible time at work. I can't tell if it's just a blip in my life, or our company's seasonal schedule, or if I can blame the full moon. It would be nice to blame the poor moon, who just sits up there and brightens up the dark sky because it's only full for a couple of days.

In the mean time, I'm trying to take it easy on myself since I'm having such a struggle getting through my daily 8 hours. Let me know if you think the full moon is affecting you too.
- by for now, D