Sunday, September 14, 2014

Dialing for Dollars

Since the beginning of September, Z95.3, a local radio station in Vancouver,  has been playing a sound for people to guess what it is. Every wrong answer and the prize money goes up $250. The pot is currently at $17,000 and I have spent the past week dialing and redialing trying to get through - once I made it to caller # 2 and once to caller # 7.

Now that the pot is getting big, everyone and their dog is calling in, but they haven't heard all the
guesses so there are many repeats (and obviously wrong answers).

Yesterday afternoon I spent between 4pm and 5pm just constantly redialing. Not how I prefer to spend an hour - but if I got through and if I won (at that time it was $14K)then the dividend would be pretty good don't you think?

I have an idea but I'm not too confident about it-but it hasn't been guessed yet. The idea that I was certain about has already been guessed so now on to plan B. go to the link, hear the sound- any guesses? If I win, I 'll split it with you

Oh boy it sure would be nice to win $17,000! I know what I'd do with it! I'd build a Tiny House or studio in my backyard - that's for sure! Plus I'd take a trip and give some money to family and to charity of course. Now wish me luck....I must start dialing and re-dialing on Monday morning.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Coconut Confusion

One day when I was 6 years old, my family went to visit my aunt. The boys were all running around outside, but I was happily drawing and writing away (probably pretending I was a teacher) on a chalkboard.

My aunt called us into the kitchen and as a special treat she gave us all some fresh coconut. Oh it was so delicious, coconut is one of my favourite flavours. We all resumed whatever we were doing, so there I was, a fresh chunk of white coconut in one hand and a piece of white chalk in the other drawing and
writing away at the chalkboard. Suddenly I had the most horrible taste in my mouth as I ran to the toilet to spit out chalk. I guess I was so busy playing and wasn't paying attention and I got my hands mixed up. It was definitely a very memorable moment.

So you can imagine what came to mind this afternoon as I grabbed a handful of almonds with my left hand and then a handful of dog kibble for Eco with my right hand as I headed into the garden today. I made a very strong mental note to NOT get my hands mixed up! Because although the chalk tasted pretty bad, I really have no desire to find out what the dog kibble tastes like!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Stitchy Happiness!!!!

Have you ever had two of your favourite people come together? Well it just happened to me. I am so, so excited.

As you may know I have been a long time fan of Jenny Hart at Sublime Stitching. In fact, back when it was just her and an assistant, my husband wrote to her and asked to to include a personalized note in my package as a gift and she graciously complied with the cutest handwritten card.

And on the side of my blog, I have been following Andrees Illustration for a couple years, and have a framed print of hers outside my office door which I look at about 40 times a day.

So you can imagine my glee when I see a little image pop up on the side of my blog of a little house drawn by Andree. My first thought was "I'd love to embroider that". I follow the link to Andree's blog and that's when I find out she's collaborated with Sublime Stitching! Very excited. And yes, I have already placed an order for the patterns.

Monday, September 08, 2014

Opinion Poll

Ouf! What happened to last week. I don't even have anything written on my calendar from Wednesday to Friday and I have no idea what I did besides work those days. September is tough for me because I feel like I can't waste a single second outside because the cold and rain is coming soon.

This weekend I did some rearranging of the garden furniture and I really it now.  In fact, I like it so much, I am angry with myself for not doing it sooner.

I also took out the hedge trimmer and smoothed out some ivy walls as we seem have have had a sudden growth spurt - maybe they are preparing for winter too?

On Thursday I was playing with Eco in the yard - she likes to play with a hard plastic ball in her pink pool - she spins it around and around and around and has a great time doing it. I even taught her how to push the ball back to me when she flips it out of the pool. The problem is the neighbour's dog whines when we play. What can I do? It's not my fault he's whining? I even put a board up against the fence so he can't see us. All was well and good, Eco and I were in the middle of our playing when my neighbour sticks her head over the fence and says "Are you doing that on purpose?" She proceeds to give me shit. I'm not going to lie - my first reaction was to be pissed off - so I took Eco inside.

I have since moved the pool and play area to the opposite side of the yard and we are trying to accommodate her request but part of me is still pissed that her dog's problem has become my issue. Plus, being an over-40 adult I really don't like getting in shit from someone else - do you know what I mean? I think the issue is more about HOW she did it and not WHAT.

your comments?

Tuesday, September 02, 2014

Back to School ???

For a majority families around Canada and the United States, today would be the first day of public school but in our province teachers are still battling for an agreement and have technically been on strike since last May. Not only did the past school year end abruptly but this year's start date is very uncertain. Additional information here and here

Yesterday I heard  political journalist, Keith Baldry, say that he wouldn't be surprised if school didn't start until October. October??

I don't want to get too political on this blog, and there's plenty of information and opinions floating around, but bottom line - it's the kids that are suffering the most. Instead of the beginning of the school year being exciting for kids who get new stationery and new clothes, now they don't know what's happening, or have to wait to use it. They will have to make up for lost time, and it's very likely the school year will run longer next June as well.

And parents are left scrambling to find day care for younger kids as they return to work or regular schedules most likely without any holidays left after this summer (since school had also ended abruptly last June). What a terrible situation to be in - for the students, the teachers and the parents. What a mess!!

Back to School! has now been replaced by Back to School? 


Monday, September 01, 2014

Lil Pink Sock

Any fans of Patrick McDonnell's cartoon "Mutts"?

Then you must remember the cat playing with his 'lil pink sock'?

Well I made a pair of them for a co-worker who's expecting her first baby in 3 weeks:

The stitches are tiny but the sock still knits up pretty fast! With only 30 rows for the leg and 8 rows for the foot. I made these out of an elastic cotton, I figured they would wash up really well, and stay on really well (since some babies can really fling those feet around) and she should be able to wear the for quite a while.

Unfortunately I had to make three socks because it wasn't until I was finished my second one that I found I had looped the yarn (by skipping a needle)

If it was for me, I would have left it but since the mom may want to roll down the sock it would then be visible, plus I didn't want her finger or the baby's toes getting caught on it. So I had to rip it all out and start the sock again.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Showgirl Embroidery/Molly Crabapple

What else do you do on a rainy long weekend? Well I do laundry and finish projects - after getting soaked to the skin in less than 5 minutes during today's dog walk.

Finished showgirl embroidery:

Embroidery stitching by me. Pattern by Artwork by Molly Crabapple. I encourage you to check out her page, her artwork is quite fascinating.

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